Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Exterior and Outdoor Furniture

Wrought Iron Garden Furniture

Most irons are susceptible to external weather and can be damaged if you put them in your garden or yard. To protect them from damage it is better to cover them when not in use or to store the dry and dark place. Regular cleaning and processing of parts painted with liquid wax can extend the life of aluminum and iron garden furniture.Subject to external influence, painted iron surfaces can be oxidized with time. Fade paint can be refreshed by using a cleaning agent for automotive paints and liquid wax. Surfaces that are already too much oxidised, can be treated with a special product to remove oxidation (eg quality of polishing compound for cars). Avoid the use of abrasive mixtures, even if iron garden furniture are very fine, because their particles can leave small scratches on the paint. It is best to bet on the regular renewal of the protective layer of wax on the exposed areas.

Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is most often made from two basic materials – bamboo and rattan. Of course there are other plants that serve as the knitting ofoutdoor wicker furniture, but they are not so used, as these two.Rattans is a species of palm that grows in tropical forests as a vine. Then, the outermost layer is separated from the heart and its bars are made from subsequently knitted objects. The inner part of the stem is used after treatment so that its shape is flat, round or oval strip, which made wicker furnitureWicker furniture have long been favorite outdoor furniture on the porch, terrace and garden. It is believed that such modern wicker furniture has been used already at the time of ancient Sumer and Egypt.

Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Modern Outdoor Wicker Furniture
Outdoor Wicker Furniture
Bamboo – bamboo is a grass actually – kind of exotic cane. However, it has extremely high tensile strength – greater even than that of steel. Bamboo is often used in modern outdoor wicker furniture - as well as tree natsepva it sometimes, but unlike the wooden boards that slicing does not affect the structural integrity of outdoor wicker furniture.Wicker bamboo outdoor furniture is also used in ancient times. Like the cane, it is much more durable material than it seems at first glance because its fibers pass along the stem. Wicker furniture bamboo has been tested to compare with concrete, steel and bricks – the result of the tests showed that the bamboo material is stronger than any material other than steel.
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